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Absurdistan: A Novel

Absurdistan - Gary Shteyngart I read this because a friend of mine recomended I read it. It was okay but not really my thing. First of all I like a main charictor who you can respect for some reason. This not a main charictor I could like for any reason, hes whinye, self absorbed, spoiled, and narisistic. He is attracted to boozy wemen and bad breath. He likes to beat his man servent with a shoe and live a life of compleat self induglence, eating every kind of meat and sweet available. I will admit he dose get better as the book progresses but not enough better.

I found the descriptions more than off-puting. They were visreral, he describes how people look and smell. Everyone is fat, ugly or bony and pinched. They have bad habbits and gross teath, nose hair or sweety nasty drirty clothes and then to top off that uglyness is the smell, everyone smells like body oder, booze or fish or lamb tounge or some other gross thing. To me smell is not appitizing. If I can smell someone, thats bad.

The plot is weighed down with this mans obsessive worry and whiny morning of a unloveable father. He only ever dose anything when he thinks it will make him feel better. He feels that everyone should worship him even though he hates himself. Its very tracgic how he never learns anything about growing up or being a better person. He makes a halfahearted attempt to help others halfway through the book only to realize that he is being used. He thought that being a good person would make him lovable and when it dosent he allows himself to slip back into being a self involved seeker of ephermeral earthly pleasure.