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Real Food: What to Eat and Why

Real Food: What to Eat and Why - Nina Planck Why I liked this book....I have been reading things like Michale Pollan and William Harris, so something a little lighter was nice. She has a happy take on things which I have read people find grateing, as diet is a sirious topic, but I found it nice to not get bogged down in all that is wrong with our food system. I know things are bad but its nice to read a book that focuses more on what we as individuals can do rather than what we as a socity need to change. After all I don't really influince socity much, and I feel a little smaller when I read about how badly it needs to be changed. Read the meat section in Skiny Bitch, you'll never want to eat meat again.

She also has a lot of resorces for people in the book which has helped me find sorces for a few things like salmon but I am still looking for raw milk. Crazy how I can live in the middle of farming country and not have any dary farmers nearby.

Over all I rank this book up ther with Plenty about the 100 mile diet.