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Talk Dirty to Me: An Intimate Philosophy of Sex

Talk Dirty to Me - Sallie Tisdale This book blew my mind. The author uses her own experiences with sexuality and people, interviews, literature and even history to open up a dialog about sex, gender and human sexuality. Each essay is separate but somehow blends seamlessly into the next essay so you can read one essay or all of them.

The only problem I found with this book was that it was difficult to read it around other people because I blushed so hard. It is very sexual and some of her descriptions left me breathless.

The other thing is that its not long enough. As I said its a series of essays and so each topic is covered artfully but not thoroughly and I found myself wanting to hunt the author down so I could discuss things in more detail.

I probably will read it again, glad I bought it rather than borrowing it from the library.