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Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival

Lights Out: Sleep, Sugar, and Survival - T.S. Wiley, Bent Formby This book has tons of information that is backed up with footnotes. Half the book is citations. I like that. The only thing is that the tone of the book vacillates between hysterical and flippant. The flippant comments are quite funny sometimes but are a little inappropriate, and the hysterical tone of some of his other statements makes it hard to take him seriously despite his use of footnotes.

Unfortunate he tends to repeat himself and he doesn't give a lot of information about how to apply the data he is giving you. For example he talks about how bad it is to not sleep and explains in detail why, and what is happening to your system, he also explains that if you stay awake too long that you can mess up your system entirely and never be able to sleep naturally again. But he dose not give tangible applicable statements about how many hours you have to stay up to achieve this breakdown, and what you can do if you have 'broken' yourself this way.

Over all a little difficult.