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Spellcast - Barbara Ashford My mom and I picked this book up on a whim at our local used bookstore because we laughed when we read the first couple pages. The writing style is great.

It's written in first person. The main character Maggie quickly summed up people and places in such wonderful biting and vivid descriptions that we would find ourselves laughing out loud. Maggie's witty way was her way way of holding the world at bay. She had a lot more to offer the world than she believed and her attitudes towards life were obviously holding her back. Sometimes I got a little frustrated with her mental gymnastics but for the most part I found her rather charming.

The subtle way the mystery of the theater (and its inhabitants) is revealed reminded me of a Mary Stewart or Suzanna Kearsly novel. All of the side characters are just as detailed as the mystery and I fell in love with many of them.

The only reason I did not give this book five stars is I disagreed with the direction that the author chose to go in the end. Despite that small flaw its very romantic and all in all a wonderful book. I'm so glad I read it.