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Fooled Again: The Real Case for Electoral Reform

Big Hair - James Innes-Smith This book has a hystarical tone that makes you read faster and faster hopeing that there will be some relief and offer some good news. That dose not happen nor dose the auther offer any helpful advise for how we can prevent this sort of thing happening in the future. (dispite the prethetical part of the title) However he dose offer enough actuall eveidence to back his claim that the right did steal the 2004 presidential election by criminal means. Which to some will be a compleat suprize as it was to me. I had fallen into the classic trap of lissioning to the media and beliveing that America actually elected this guy. Which aparently we didn't. Some of us did. Which is right and fair but some us didn't. What I find horrible is that as a group ALL of our voteing rights were violated even thouse who wanted to Vote for Bush. Some of them too were disifanchized because they weren't staunch supporters. (How staunch can you be when you've never even met the guy?)

But all in all this book had alot of good information. I just didn't really like the style of the writing. Even though I could not put it down.